Are You Ready For Change?

I am a Polish reporter in America, a photo-model, personal coach, public speaker; a female business leader, and change-maker. I am a published author, and one of the stars of the American documentary ‘Hungry for Change’. I host my own Internet talk-show, and change people’s lives. I am about to rock your world.

Get Sexy!

Enjoy your embodiment, and create passionate, nurturing relationships. How does it get even better than that?

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Get Wealthy!

Envision your new lifestyle, outline the steps, harness the Web. How much fun are you gonna have?

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Get Healthy!

Cleanse your body, quit toxic food, and habits, and design your vibrant day. What else is possible?

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Why I love what I do In 2000, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I refused surgery, chemo and radiation, and decided to cleanse. I did BADASS DETOX, quit toxic food, and toxic thinking. I lost 83lbs within 4 months, and became healthy.

This experience was a breakthrough. From a fat, pimpled, miserable girl – I became a female leader, filled with the love of life (in Latin – Evita!). My job now, is to inspire you!

I challenge you to reclaim your life, and reclaim your Body. I empower entrepreneurs and leaders to reclaim the Planet. I enjoy seeing you flourish, living your dream, making miracles, and charting new victories for you and for humanity. What else is possible?

"Her love affair with life is highly contagious."

− Gosia Guru, Intuitive Life-Coach

"I had lunch with her the other day... I already lost 10lbs since then!"

− Michael Richard, Photographer, La Jolla, CA

"Radically honest. No beating around the bush. And very funny!"

− Erica Hubner, Yoga Teacher, Hilo, HI

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