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The Journalist Who Cured Cancer Naturally – Evita Ramparte on Russian TV!

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Russian TV spotlighted Evita’s story in a tv program ‘Без обмана’. Interview filmed @ Trilogy Sanctuary, in beautiful La Jolla, California. Courtesy of Leila Whitehead and Joe Caldera. Filmed by Y.C. Wong. Evita: “I feel compelled to share this message of truth in every single language on the Earth. Excited…

Evita on Polish MTV – ‘How to Lose Weight Naturally’

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I remember how it sucked being FAT, SICK, TIRED and PIMPLED when I was a teenager. I remember how it felt to suck at sports and be unattractive to every potential boyfriend on the horizon. Guys just didn’t see me. I was wrapped in a THICK BLANKET OF FAT. Today,…

How To Cleanse Your Body & Your Soul – Evita on Polish Public TV!

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As an independent journalist aware of truth, I am leading an independent, privately sponsored health awareness media campaign, promoting consciousness and organic lifestyle. This interview was filmed when I still lived in Warsaw, Poland. TVP2 – Polish Public Television had a talk-show on CLEANSING, and I was invited as a…

Why I love what I do In 2000, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I refused surgery, chemo and radiation, and decided to cleanse. I did BADASS DETOX, quit toxic food, and toxic thinking. I lost 83lbs within 4 months, and became healthy.

This experience was a breakthrough. From a fat, pimpled, miserable girl – I became a female leader, filled with the love of life (in Latin – Evita!). Today, I am leading an independent health awareness media campaign, promoting consciousness and organic lifestyle.

I challenge you to reclaim your life, and reclaim your Body. I wish to inspire you and empower you to cleanse, rejuvenate, lose weight, and Get Sexy Fast! The world needs your vibe now more than ever! The stage is ready. Life is not a rehearsal. This is it. This is it. How Much Fun Are You Gonna Have?

"Her love affair with life is highly contagious."

− Gosia Guru, Intuitive Life-Coach

"I had lunch with her the other day... I already lost 10lbs since then!"

− Michael Richard, Photographer, La Jolla, CA

"Radically honest. No beating around the bush. And very funny!"

− Erica Hubner, Yoga Teacher, Hilo, HI

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